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The ScaleX™ Insider Podcast is a weekly podcast focussed on fascinating conversations with authors, change makers and business leaders on one or more of the ScaleX™ Principles to support listeners on their journey to success.

MEET THE HOST of over 140 episodes

Brendan McGurgan

Brendan McGurgan is a global business leader who builds profitable, scalable businesses by delivering on his strong personal belief that anything is possible.

To date he has interviewed over 100 guests from across the world. Business leaders, authors, motivational speakers and lot’s of other interesting people. Every week he interviews someone who can add value to your scaling journey

The Simple Scaling Vision

The Insider Podcast vision is to inspire, connect and enable millions of ambitious leaders of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to scale with purpose. Each of our Podcasts will feature a thought leader who will speak to one or more of the 10 Timeless Principles of Scaling from our ScaleXTM 10 Principle Framework.

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What makes the podcast special?

Sadly, less than 2% of SMEs globally ever achieve scale which means that they themselves, their teams, their industry, community and society at large limit their full potential. This podcast aims to make a difference.

Through our podcast series I aiming to build a thriving community of leaders with ambition to scale with purpose centred on our unified, globally recognised ScaleXTM Framework.

It is through having authentic discussions with thought leaders in their fields who can share their personal journeys, struggles, challenges and success stories where our audience will learn how they too can achieve exponential growth.

Podcast Guests

Meet some of our podcast guests from over the last 11 seasons. We’ve had everyone from air force pilots to authors, motivational speakers to fitness experts and everything in between.

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Season 12

EP1: Miranda Lievers – Co-Founder of Thinkific

EP2: Jason Lippert – President and CEO of LCII Industries

EP3: Sean Swarner – Cancer survivor, author, speaker

EP4: Alexandra Watkins – Brand Name Expert & the Chief Executive Boss Lady of Eat My Words

EP5: Bob Burg – Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Best selling author and founder of The Go-Giver Success Alliance,

EP6: Russ Laraway – Operating Partner at Goodwater Capital, Radical Candor co-founder and former US Marine.

Season 11

EP1: Daniel Priestley – Founder of Dent Global & ScoreApp

EP2: Evan Ryan – Founder and CEO of Teammate AI and Co-Founder of Lede AI

EP3: Adam Coffey – CEO, Board Member, CEO Coach, #1 Best Selling Author (x3), Global Educator, Top 1% Speaker & US Army Veteran

EP4: Peter Cowley – a tech entrepreneur, angel investor, and inspiring speaker.

EP5: Morné Smit – Speaker, Champion of Sales Excellence, Founder at Emerse and Certified Leverage Sales Coach

EP6: Nancy Duarte – Principal at Duarte, Inc

EP7: Jon Rhodesl – Co-founder of Imagery Coaching, Psychology Consultant in Sports Performance and Lecturer & Supervisor, Uni of Plymouth

EP8: Eric Jorgenson – CEO of Scribe Media, investor, General Partner at Rolling Fun, and host of the successful podcast, Smart Friends.

EP9: Elliot Roe – a leading expert in Mindset Optimization for High Performers and the go-to mindset coach for poker champions

EP10: James Watt – Co-Founder & CEO of Brewdog.

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 10

EP1: Dan Sullivan – Founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc.

EP2: Vincent Stanley – Director of Philosophy at Patagonia, Inc

EP3: Raj Sisodia – Dr., author and speaker

EP4: Stuart McLachlan – Chief Executive at Anthesis Group Ltd

EP5: Mac Lackey – American entrepreneur

EP6: Jeff Dewing – Tech innovator, No.1 best-selling business author of the book ‘Doing the Opposite’, and founder of Cloudfm & Mindsett.

EP7: Alex Osterwalder – Founder & CEO Strategyzer, Visiting Professor IMD.

EP8: Bob Chapman – CEO and Chairman at Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc

EP9: Philip McKernan – Inspirational Speaker, Writer & Filmmaker.

EP10: Steven Bartlett – Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor, Author, BBC Dragon, and the host of one of Europe’s biggest podcasts, ‘The Diary of a CEO’.

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 9

EP1: Susie Ma – Tropic Skincare Founder.

EP2: Dr. Margie Warrell – A renowned author and international speaker

EP3: Dr. Srikumar Rao – Founder of the Road Institute.

EP4: Jamie Smart – Sunday Times bestselling author, renowned speaker, and transformative coach.

EP5: Maura Thomas – Award-winning international speaker and trainer on individual and corporate productivity and work-life balance

EP6: David Allen – Author of the best-selling book “Getting Things Done,.

EP7: Jonathan Jay – Autheor of “Business Buying Strategies: How to Buy a Business Without Risking Your Own Capital.”

EP8: Dr. Shameen Prashantham – Author of ‘Gorillas Can Dance: Lessons from Microsoft and Other Corporations on Partnering with Startups’

EP9: Jamie Waller – Author of ‘Unsexy Business’

EP10: Charles Conn – Author of ‘The Imperfectionists: Strategic Mindsets for Uncertain Times’.

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 8

EP1: Mark Devine – expert in human performance

EP2: Whitney Johnson – CEO of Disruption Advisors

EP3: Allan Dib – Serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, technology expert and #1 bestselling author of the 1- Page Marketing Plan.

EP4: Kim Scott – author of Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-ass Culture of Inclusivity and Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity and is co-founder of the company Radical Candor.

EP5: Kevin W. McCarthy – creator of the website:

EP6: Lee Benson – Founder and CEO of Execute to Win, or ETW.

EP7: Robert Glazer – Founder and Chairman of the Board of Acceleration Partners, a global partner marketing agency, as well as the co-founder and Chairman of BrandCycle

EP8: Jean Gomes – CEO of the consulting company, Outside

EP9: Mark Leruste – Author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, best known for his bestselling book, “Glow in the Dark: How Sharing Your Personal Story Can Transform Your Business and Change Your Life.”

EP10: Joe Polish – Founder of Genius Network® and one of the most influential connectors in the world

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 7

EP1: Jack Daly – CEO at Professional Sales Coach

EP2: Bob Moesta – Founder | President & CEO of the Re-Wired Group | Demand-Side Innovation

EP3: Ryan Gottfredson – Helping Leaders & Executive Teams Vertically Develop

EP4: Paul Rulkens – Professional Speaker | High Performance Expert | Trusted Advisor | Published Author

EP5: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic – CEO, storytelling with data

EP6: Art Markman – Vice Provost of Academic Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin

EP7: Chase Warrington – Head of Remote at Doist | LinkedIn Top Voice for Remote Work | Host of About Abroad Podcast | Future of Work Advisor, Writer, Investor & Speaker

EP 8: Adam Kingl – Author, Keynote Speaker, Educator, Adviser

EP 9: Cameron Herold – Founder of COO Alliance & Second In Command Podcast

EP 10: Ryan Hawk – Host of The Learning Leader Show, Author: The Pursuit Of Excellence and Welcome To Management, Leadership Advisor

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 6

EP1: Larry Yatch – CEO SEAL Team Leaders

EP2: Chris Voss – World’s #1 Negotiation Coach, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author “Never Split The Difference” – CEO at The Black Swan Group, Ltd

EP3: Brian Keane – Personal Trainer, certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist.

EP4: Jodie Cook – entrepreneur, athlete, and writer.

EP5: James Kerr – Best selling author of Legacy, 15 Lessons in Leadership. International speaker. High performance consultant.

EP6: Cyriel Kortleven – Global professional & TEDx speaker » the Change Mindset » Author 5 books

EP 7: Ron Lovett – Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

EP 8: Alice Thompson – Purpose Coach, Social Bite Co-Founder, Keynote Speaker.

EP 9: Carmine Gallo – Carmine Gallo, author, The Bezos Blueprint and Talk Like TED. Harvard instructor. Keynote speaker. Communication coach

EP10: Dr. Jim Loehr – World-renowned performance psychologist

EP11: Brendan McGurgan & Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 5

EP1: Aidan McCullen – Host and founder of the Innovation Show, broadcast globally on Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE.

EP2: Jamil Qureshi – Performance enhancing psychology and high performing teams expert

EP3: Mithu Storoni – Physician, researcher, and author of Stress Proof: The Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body

EP4: Martin Schilling – Managing Director of the Techstars Accelerator in Berlin, angel investor and entrepreneur

EP5: Margaret Heffernan – Entrepreneur, CEO, writer and keynote speaker.

EP6: Shirish Nadkarni – Serial entrepreneur and Author of From Startup to Exit – An insider’s guide to launching and scaling your tech business

EP7: Mark Zweig – Founder of Inc 500/5000 companies—Entrepreneur, Teacher, Writer, Speaker, Vistage Chair

EP 8: Mike Michalowicz – Author and Speaker

EP 9: Oren Klaff – NY Times Bestselling Author of Pitch Anything and Flip The Script

EP 10: Sharon Lechter – Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Business Strategist & Mentor

EP11: Brendan McGurgan & Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 4

EP1: Nick Bradley – M&A Investor, Scale-Up Specialist, Certified Exit Strategist, Business Mentor, Host “Scale Up With Nick Bradley” Podcast

EP2: Michael J. Gelb – Founder/CEO at High Performance Learning

EP3: Cameron Herold – Founder of COO Alliance & Second In Command Podcast

EP4: Alan Williams – Values-driven SERVICEBRAND design and implementation Excellence, Creation, Fairness, Adaptability, Enjoyment

EP5: Cynthia Dearin – International business strategist

EP6: Dr. Geoff Smart – Chairman and Founder at ghSMART

EP7: Owen Eastwood – Performance Coach, writer of Belonging & speaker

EP 8: Holger Seim – Co-Founder & CEO @ Blinkist

EP 9: Norman Crowley – Founder CoolPlanet and AVA

EP 10: Andrew Sillitoe – 3 x Author, Podcaster, Coach, International Athlete & Coach

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 3

EP1: John Spence – One of the Top Leadership Experts in the World

EP2: Sherry Coutu, CBE – Founder of the ScaleUp Institute and Serial Entrepreneur

EP3: Dr. Alan Watkins – CEO & Co-Founder of Complete Coherence

EP4: Patrick McKeown – World-Renowned Author and Breathing Practitioner

EP5: Lee Brower – Founder of Empowered Wealth, LLC and Creator of the Business Family Coach

EP6: Sam Watson Jones – Co-Founder and President of Small Robot Company

EP7: Myriam Sidibé – Leading Expert of Brands that Drive Health Outcomes and Author

EP 8: Gabor George Burt – Founder – The Slingshot Group; Pioneer – Creative Transformation & Blue Ocean Strategy; Author

EP 9: Nick Bradley – Host of “Scale Up with Nick Bradley”, the UK’s #1 Business Podcast | Investor, M&A Entrepreneur, Business Mentor

EP 10: Garry Ridge – WD-40 Company CEO & Chairman – Leadership and Corporate Culture Architect

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 2

EP1: Paul Akers – Founder and President of FastCap

EP2: Sam Rathling – World Expert on LinkedIn & Chief Visionary Officer at Pipeline 44 Group

EP3: Dan Lowes – Former RAF Fighter Pilot & Executive Officer of the Red Arrows

EP4: Maura Nevel Thomas – Award-Winning International Speaker, Trainer & Author

EP5: Amy Rowlinson – Life Coach, Podcast Mentor, and a Leader in Purpose and Fulfilment

EP6: Dr. Oleg Konovalov – Member of Thinkers50 Radar at Thinkers50, Consultant, C-Suite coach, Speaker, Author – Vision and Visionary Leadership

EP7: Tom Kolditz – Founding Director of the Ann and John Doerr Institute

EP 8: Kevin Schulman – President of Schulman Associates / Sandler Training

EP 9: Chris Yonker – Vision Alchemist, Speaker & Author

EP 10: Marga Hoek – Award-Winning Author, Member of Thinkers50, Speaker

EP11: Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

Season 1

EP1: Adam Hale – Chair of the Board of Directors for the ScaleUp Institute

EP2: Damian Hughes – International Speaker and Best-Selling Author

EP3: Sebastian Tondeur – CEO of MCI Group

EP4: Enda McNulty – Founder and CEO of McNulty Performance

EP5: David Jenyns – Author of Systemology

EP6: Emmie Faust – Digital Growth Specialist and Founder of Growth Co Lab

EP7: David Marquet – Author of the Amazon #1 Best-seller: Turn the Ship Around!

EP 8: Kingsley Aikins – CEO of the Networking Institute

EP 9: Niall O’Murchu – Official Wim Hof Instructor

EP 10: JeVon ‘JT’ McCormick – President and CEO of Scribe Media

EP11: Brendan McGurgan & Claire Colvin – Directors and Co-Founders of Simple Scaling

ScaleX™ Framework

The Accelerator programme is built on the ScaleX framework.We are building a thriving community of business leaders around the world and a scale up movement centred on the most comprehensive, holistic framework for organisational scaling – the ScaleXTM 10 Principle Framework. 10 timeless principles of scaling that can be readily implemented by SME leaders to deliver long-term, repeatable, sustainable growth.


When you learn how to master the right psyche to achieve your scaling ambition, your success becomes not merely possible or probable…it becomes inevitable.

Purpose & vision

A meaningful purpose, joyfully formed and articulately expressed by you is the first and most critical step towards creating the results you want. Let us show you how to do this with eloquence and finesse.


When the right people are intrinsically and emotionally invested in your purpose and vision they will bring their brains, bodies and their hearts to work.


Deliberate action against your most important priorities, coupled with grit and perseverance against a well-informed plan, will enable you to strive for extraordinary scaling


Learn how to build smart and simple processes and systems, automating as much as possible to keep your business operationally fit for scaling.


Identifying and monitoring the right key performance metrics will help you to understand what you need to do to become better, faster and more efficient than you were before


Developing a clear articulation of your company’s competitive strength in the eyes of your customers is key to steering you away from the complexity trap…


You will learn to embrace the challenges of accessing new markets which will make you raise your game and enhance your opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.


Entering into a strategic partnership
is an attractive way to accelerate your scaling business and increase your reach beyond what would have been possible by going alone

Positive Growth Culture

Learn how to intentionally create and sustain the right system of behaviours for your people to follow which will enable you to realise your scaling ambition.


Decided to be a guest
or thinking of becoming one?

Heres some information.


What we look for in a guest

We are always looking for engaging speakers with a unique perspective that can translate into actionable insights for our listeners.


Most Popular Episodes

Some of the most popular episodes of the Insider Podcast from over the years.


Being a podcast guest.

Just bring your inspiring self. All I want is an authentic conversation about your work and its impact and you as a person. I will not follow a strict interview question script but I will provide you with an outline of the questions that I would like to cover so that you can think about your answers before we meet.

Business leaders of SMEs who want to scale their businesses exponentially and who want to expand their knowledge and network.

We will need roughly one hour, including set up, introductions and recording. The interview recording itself will be around one hour.

So, I thought I would share some facts about me – if you are curious, so that you can get to know a little more about my personal story.

Brendan’s Facts


I am a Director of Simple Scaling Ltd, a business I co-founded with Claire Colvin in early 2020 with the

aim of inspiring, connecting and enabling ambitious leaders of SMEs to Scale with Purpose. In March 2022 we published our Amazon Best-Selling book, ‘Simple Scaling, 10 Proven Principles to 10x Your Business’.


I spent 16 years as a global business leader with CDE Global, 12 of those as Group Managing Director, steering the company through the global financial crisis to considerable strategic growth success. During my tenure the Company scaled profitably to have offices in 6 continents employing almost 700 people across the world (from 15) and 25X revenue growth becoming number one in their Industry with a £100m turnover. In 2016, I was the overall winner of the prestigious UK Institute of Directors, Director of the Year Award.


I enjoy challenging myself outside of work in an effort to build physical and mental resilience. I’m A 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do gained from a 20- year sporting career. In recent years I have competed in triathlons, most recently the Mallorca 70.3 Iron Man (triggered from a desire to learn how to swim!).

I am also a breathing, cold exposure and mindset specialist. A personal trauma in 2014 was the catalyst for a journey towards greater mindfulness practices which led to me becoming a Wim Hof Method instructor in 2021.


I have been married to Colleen for 20 years and have three wonderful (most of the time!) teenagers, Aine, Cara and Eoin.

What will happen after the interview?

I will inform you as soon as your interview is scheduled for release to check in about recent updates. As soon as the interview is live, you will be the first to get the link. If there are any open questions concerning our interview, please do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.

Mob: 078 0304 3375

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We will post the edited interview and write-ups on our website and will market them on Simple Scaling’s social media channels. Your episode will also be available across all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Audible, Spotify and Google and YouTube. I want to create great content for you so you can also spread it within your network.

It doesn’t stop there…

As soon as you are on the show, I will keep promoting you long after your episode has aired. This is not a one time thing. I will stay in touch, follow up and spread the word about you and your impact. In return, I would ask you to share not just your episode with your network and friends but also other ScaleX Insider episodes. The more people that listen, the bigger the impact of this show and the more people will become aware of your episode as well. I will share links with you regularly that make sharing easy.


We do not guarantee that the interview will be published. It is up to the editorial board to decide if the content fits our publishing criteria.

After the interview is published, we can make amendments to the written blog post if there is something that you feel needs updating.

However, the audio interview can not be changed.


What our listeners are saying

Each episode is packed with useful , relevant insights. 50 minutes of gripping content, that you can put into practical use. Couldn’t recommend this podcast enough.

Simon Ward
Apple Podcasts

I originally heard Brendan on another podcast which led me to here. The episodes give amazing insights into behaviours and actions or scaling companies and successful entrepreneurs.

James Farrar
Apple Podcasts

My favourite business-focussed podcast. Brendan is a phenomenal interviewer and the guests are incredible. Would highly recommend.

Ash McClean
Apple Podcasts

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