In this episode of the ScaleX Insider podcast, we dive into a captivating conversation with Richard Weylman, Hall Of Fame Keynote Speaker, and International Best Selling Author. Richard shares invaluable insights on how to acquire and keep clients for life, a topic that lies at the heart of sustainable business growth. We explore various strategies, including understanding client needs, giving customers what they want, and leveraging emotional security to drive every purchase. Additionally, Richard delves into intriguing aspects such as how restrooms can impact a business’s reputation and the importance of avoiding price wars. Throughout our discussion, we uncover the keys to getting customers talking and reveal the four E’s that illuminate what customers truly desire, ultimately offering actionable advice on how to maintain long-lasting client relationships.

About Richard:

Joining us today is Richard Weylman, a testament to resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Orphaned at age 6, Richard faced adversity head-on, navigating through nineteen foster homes and attending eleven different schools. Instead of succumbing to his circumstances, he emerged victorious, achieving remarkable success in the business world.

Richard’s journey encompasses diverse roles, from being an award-winning general sales manager at Rolls Royce to spearheading sales and marketing for the Robb Report, a renowned luxury lifestyle magazine, from its inception until its record liquidity event.

Inducted into both the Hall of Fame as a keynote speaker and the Customer Experience Hall of Fame for his transformative work in helping brands connect with and retain their customers, Richard is a true pioneer in his field.

As an acclaimed author, Richard has penned two international bestsellers, including “The Power of Why: Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace,” translated into seven languages and recognized as a CEO Reads bestseller. His new book, “100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life”

Beyond his professional endeavors, Richard is a nominee for the Horatio Alger Award, honoring his philanthropic contributions to orphanages and underserved communities. Today, Richard will share his wisdom and strategies, inspiring us to overcome challenges and thrive in competitive markets. Welcome, Richard.

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