In this episode, I had a fascinating conversation with Morné Smit, Speaker, Champion of Sales Excellence, Founder at Emerse and Certified Leverage Sales Coach. We talked about a range of topics including, why you need to test your sales techniques, the secrets behind successful sales process, what you need to have in your sales playbook, what you need to look for in a salesperson, where you need to focus your sales manager, why you need to be clear on the rules of salespeople, the 3 sales success steps you need to know, how to overcome self-limiting beliefs in your sales team, what you need to do now to grow your sales team successfully, why you need to stop selling today, how to build a winning sales culture, and so much more.

About Morné

Today, we have a distinguished guest, Morné  Smit, one of the most sought-after Sales Experts in the U.S. Known for his over 70 speaking events scheduled for 2024 and accolades from EO and Vistage, Morné  is the chosen successor to Jack Daly.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Morne excelled as an honor student and athlete. After earning a degree in Marketing & Economics, he moved to London in 2001. Over two decades, Morné  transitioned from a salesperson to a leader, achieving remarkable growth in various industries. In 2017, he founded Emerse, a sales consultancy serving businesses across 20+ industries on three continents.

Morné ‘s mission is simple: Master Sales, Guarantee Growth, and Predict Success. In 2022, he succeeded Jack Daly, an internationally renowned speaker and author, and now travels the world sharing insights on sales culture and excellence.

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